Whether you’re a novice boxing athlete in the gym or a professional MMA fighter in the octagon, having the best headgear for hard sparring/training can make all the difference. In my experience, the best piece of training equipment you can own, besides your boxing gloves and mouth guard, is a good, solid piece of headgear. So, we’ve put together the TOP 10 Best Headgear below.

When I say “good headgear”, I know that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, the best headgear is light, sturdy, and built to last; with proper care, a good piece will last you a few years and save you a few concussions. Unfortunately, with MMA’s rising popularity, a lot of companies have decided to cash in and produce low-quality headgear.

To make sure you get the best pieces for the best prices, we’ve put together a list of the top ten pieces of boxing headgear, chosen by online reviews and testimonials.

Now, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat; yes, in most cases, you can’t wear your headgear in an actual bout. This doesn’t mean that you should buy low-quality headgear or refuse to use it in training altogether. Even though you can’t wear it in a match, good headgear makes movement easy and natural and keeps you from getting injured during long sparring matches.

It is important to be as protected as possible. Well-padded 16-ounce gloves are not enough to save you from a strong blow. Wearing headgear is the most important way to prevent head injuries.