Are you looking for the best boxing gloves that is within your budget to guarantee proper protection for your hands, wrists and knuckles. A good pair of gloves could be the difference between an injury prone boxing career versus a long successful one. Choosing a proper pair of gloves can be difficult because there are numerous aspects to consider before making a decision. In this post, we’ve compiled research backed list of our top choices for the best boxing gloves in 2022. These use high-quality materials, have sturdy construction and provide adequate cushioning for optimal hand and wrist protection. We have tried to review the best gloves in different categories to make your decision-making process simple. There are more gloves options and detailed reviews available under most categories if you want to research deeper.

Buying Guide: Boxing Gloves

Boxing is undeniably a difficult sport, but it is also extremely rewarding. As a boxer, you get to experience unrivaled thrills and adrenaline.

Boxing is a very technical sport and there are several elements to becoming a good boxer. Punching is the most basic and most important skill that a boxer needs. After all, the more powerful your punches are, the faster you can knock out your opponent. A nice pair of gloves is required to ensure that you can throw your punches without worrying about injuries.

Even if you are just starting your boxing career, it’s important that you invest in a good pair of gloves. This investment will pay off in the long term as you will have a rewarding career. Good gloves will not only help you practice better & punch harder, but also protect your sparring partner from injuries. While you must obtain the best pair of gloves, price does not always equate to quality. You have to consider other factors before making your buying decision. Here are some things you should consider while making that decision

What Makes for a Great Pair of Gloves

  • Durable outer layer
    Let’s start with the gloves’ outer layer. This layer is typically constructed of imitation leather, as real leather is expensive and will increase the price the gloves. Faux leather is durable and can keep its shape even if you practice high impact punches every day for months. Also, make sure the gloves have sturdy stitching, so they don’t come apart while you’re wearing them. In addition to being durable, a faux leather outer is also simple to care for. All you need is a moist cloth, with which you can easily rub off any excess dirt and dust.
  • Adequate padding
    Padding is likely the most crucial aspect of boxing gloves, as this plays a huge role in hand protection. You’ll be throwing some powerful punches, so you’ll need at least triple-layered foam cushioning to soften the impact. Some gloves have gel-infused padding for further cushioning. However, not all levels of expertise may require such advanced padding, and some may be better off with non-gel padding. Very thick padding can sometimes do more harm than good. You will also lose some feedback in your hands if the padding is too thick.
  • Comfortable inner lining
    Because it will be in frequent contact with your skin, the inner lining must be soft, smooth and skin friendly. An unpleasant lining might generate friction, causing the boxer obvious discomfort. You must make certain that the gloves you select have a soft inner lining.
  • Breathability
    It is critical to air out your gloves after each use to prevent moisture and odor buildup within. Fortunately, several brands have begun to build gloves with a mesh covering to quickly disperse sweat. This prevents moisture and stench from accumulating inside the gloves. Breathable gloves will feel more comfortable to wear and they will keep your hands cool and dry throughout the session
  • Pre-curved design
    This design is not found in most brands in the market but many of our boxers love it. Pre-curved design ensures superior comfort and fit. This design also ensures that the gloves stay in place without shifting during intense training. These gloves almost feel like an extension of your arm, which could lead to improved performance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Boxing Gloves

  • Wrist support 
    Gloves are designed to protect not only your hands but also your wrists from being injured by falling objects. When you strike someone, shockwaves travel up to your arm and shoulder, passing through your hand and wrist. While these shockwaves can be handled by your arm and shoulder, your wrists are more fragile and susceptible to injury. A good pair of gloves should give very good wrist support and protect them from impact damage. A hook and loop closure in most good gloves provide wrist protection and also ensure a snug fit. You can also look for gloves that have some padding in the strap. This will provide an additional layer of protection for your wrists.
  • Closing mechanism
    Most gloves are equipped with a hook-and-loop strap fastening that may be customized to your hands. This form of closure method is also the most user-friendly. Unlike lace-up gloves you will not need help to wear or remove these gloves. This is great when you are a night owl or an early bird practicing at the gym when there’s no one around. Some gloves are also equipped with a velcro strap, which makes them quite convenient to wear.
  • Colors
    While this may be the least important to making a glove buying decision, it won’t hurt to get a good-looking pair of gloves. Boxers like to pick colors that reflect their boxing style. Aggresive fighters typically pick red or flaming yellow. Strategic fighters pick regular colors like black, brown or blue.

Price Range

The price of gloves varies depending on brand, size, and quality. Gloves come in all price ranges, but a good pair of gloves should cost between $75 and $200. While price could sometimes determine quality, it is not always the case.