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Coming Clear With Meals

We select our adversaries or buddies with meals.

After I first met my spouse, I used to be a vegetarian. We agreed to be vegetarian upon her arrival from Vietnam. However a number of months into it, I believe even earlier than our formal marriage, she mentioned she couldn’t keep veggie. I used to be greater than just a little miffed, however I made a decision I might look previous that. I used to be in center age and my choices had been lowering quickly. We’re nonetheless collectively 13 years later.

Throughout that point, I believed, well, if she desires me to eat meat, then I’m going to eat what I would like. I’ll eat chocolate, I’ll eat chips, and I’ll dig Indian meals. Even then although, there have been warning indicators throughout me. I used to be already growing a persistent cough. I used to be utilizing crimson pepper in virtually the whole lot. The chocolate behavior, although small, was beginning to do its harm. I had been indulging in corn chips for years already. Even earlier than I met my spouse, I used to be already in bother.

I had been visiting docs and studying articles, looking out in every single place for one thing, something! that may give me aid from a persistent cough that may not go away. It doesn’t matter what I ate, the cough was there, it appeared.

I went by means of some main life-style modifications over the last 15 years, and nonetheless, the cough remained. We moved from California to Utah. We went from residence to deal with, to a different home. We had children. I went from working in an workplace to working from residence. It appeared like it doesn’t matter what I did, there it was, a persistent cough that I couldn’t shake. There didn’t appear to be any constant sample as to its coming and going, both. I used to be actually confused.

Through the years, my mother would drop clues in all places. An article right here, a PDF there. Life dropped clues, too. However for one cause or one other, I couldn’t or wouldn’t choose them up. Not one of the theories that I had seen appeared to match my expertise. Till my mother despatched me this: The surprising new food rules to banish acid reflux. Therein I learn the next, and I used to be glued:

Different widespread signs embrace a persistent cough (that persists longer than
eight weeks), frequent throat-clearing, hoarseness and a sore throat.

Yeah. That was me. That’s nonetheless me as a result of I’m therapeutic now, from a long time of consuming meals that’s both too acidic or creates acid in my abdomen. My throat wasn’t sore, however I cleared my throat quite a bit. I coughed each morning, nonetheless do, however to a a lot lesser extent now. I’ve solely been doing this for 2 weeks and I really feel a noticeable enchancment. And my spouse can sleep higher. I’m sleeping higher. I’m feeling higher. What did I do?

I discovered the creator of that pdf my mother despatched me and located his ebook, The Acid Watcher Diet. I began studying it. I learn that pdf a number of occasions extra, too. However the ebook provides much more info and as I learn it, I noticed simply what I used to be doing to myself. I used to be poisoning myself with meals that had acid in it.

I needed to cease with the snacks within the pantry and divert myself to the fruit bowl and the fridge. The one takeaway from that ebook is that acid is used to protect meals. That implies that if the meals is available in a package deal, even when it’s dry, it has acid. I obtained litmus paper and began testing the whole lot I used to be going to eat.

Reverse osmosis water was a 7. My morning oatmeal cereal was a 4 or a 3. I didn’t hassle testing my Indian meals packs from Tasty-Chew. I do know they’re acidic. The ebook taught me that to be able to heal, I needed to eat meals that was 5 and above. I discovered that pH is like decibels, its orders of magnitude. A 4 is ten occasions extra acidic than a 5. So I used to be searching for one thing greener.

Veggies are inexperienced. Many of the fruits I wanted to eat had been inexperienced. Bananas, papaya, mango, are all 5 and above. I used to be frightened about cheese, however most exhausting cheeses are 5 and above. My spouse’s rice and rooster soup had been a 7. God, I hate that soup, nevertheless it works for me. Brown rice works, too, and I like brown rice. If there may be any doubt in my thoughts about what to eat, I make it possible for it’s not in a package deal and that it’s entire once I purchase it.

Lemons, limes, pineapple, and even most apples are off-limits for me now. I used to be consuming an apple each morning for years and the acid within the apples was making me cough. I should discover one other solution to hold the physician away.

So if there may be even a touch of acid, I keep away from it. If there may be nonetheless some doubt, I give it the litmus check. I examined the water I drink, the almond milk, entire milk from cows, and some different issues. And I stored studying that ebook. I’m a 3rd of the best way by means of now, it’s massive, so it’s sort of a beer bong of meals information. I’ll hold studying.

I used to be planning on writing this text later after I learn the ebook. However the advantages are already so good, that I needed to write this right now. I’m shedding weight, I misplaced 5 kilos simply during the last two weeks. I’m 6’1″ and I’d like to get back to the weight that I was when I met my wife, 165. I will see that and my abs in March.

I’m losing my post nasal drip and the cough. I’m not clear yet, but I can see that happening in the near future. I’m already sleeping well through the night. The tension around sleep that I used to have is nearly completely gone. I used to fret about waking up to go pee in the night because I’d come back coughing and it’d be hard to get back to sleep again. So I’d get up early, and be just a little off for the rest of the day. Those days are gone if I stick to this diet.

I’ve made friends with celery, carrots, and lettuce again. I’m looking for anything with dietary fiber because I know that when I eat fiber, it puffs up in my stomach and makes me feel full. I get the nutrition I need, but I have the sensation that the food just passes right through me, and it doesn’t stick to me.

Last year I got really sick, might’ve been COVID, not sure, but whatever it was, it kicked my ass all over the house. I started taking Emergen-C. I got better faster, but that stuff was acidic and it was making me cough. I thought I needed to take it to keep my immune system going during this pandemic. Reading that book and a few other articles, I learned that cantaloupe is an excellent source of vitamin C. I don’t have to eat oranges or take a supplement to get my C. And I love cantaloupe.

The kicker for me is my heels. I have suffered from dry, cracking heels since I moved to the even drier climate of Utah. I’ve been putting lanoline on my heels to keep them well, but I don’t want to have to do that for the rest of my life. After a few weeks of avoiding acid in my food, my heels are much, much better now. I expect that trend to continue as I stay away from acid in my food. I will eventually wean myself off of the lanoline for my heels because I just won’t need it anymore.

And now I have a really good reason to stay off of red meat, which my wife has been trying to encourage me to eat, thinking of my health. Bless her heart. Well, I don’t need to eat red meat for health. I have chicken and fish for now, and eventually, I might go veggie again. All I know for sure is I feel better now than I’ve felt in years and I’m just getting started. Food really is the best medicine.

Write on.

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