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Darkish historical past of Valentine’s Day from executions to flowers and goodies

Valentine’s Day is probably the most romantic day of the 12 months.

Though folks gained’t be capable to rejoice in fairly the identical approach as traditional actually, there are nonetheless loads of methods to show your other half just how much you love them.

It’s a marmite day, some folks find it irresistible whereas others dread February 14.

However what’s the historical past of Valentine’s Day?

Right here is all the pieces you have to know concerning the story of the day.

It begins off with fairly darkish beginnings, however has since gone on to have a way more celebratory tone.

The story of St. Valentine

A number of Christian saints have the identify, Valentine.

However the one whose story has turn into the centre of the February 14 celebrations is St Valentine of Rome.

There are literally two legends surrounding him.

The primary is that Roman military troopers had been forbidden to marry by Emperor Claudius II as he believed married males didn’t make good troops.

Valentine is alleged to have disagreed with this, and carried out secret weddings for Christian troopers till his actions had been uncovered.

This led to his arrest and subsequent execution in 269AD.

The second legend suggests he was arrested for serving to persecuted Christians escape jail in Rome.

He was then thrown into jail himself, the place he fell in love with a younger lady – believed to be the jailer’s daughter – who visited him in his cell.

Valentine wrote to this lady, and in his remaining letter which he wrote on the day of his execution, signed it ‘from your Valentine’.

St Valentine Saint Valentine patron Saint of lovers

Confusion stays across the identification of St. Valentine. Different accounts counsel there was a Valentine who was Bishop of Terni and in addition died by the hands of Claudius II, though it’s thought this is similar Valentine as talked about earlier.

The church stopped veneration of Valentine in 1969, nonetheless he’s nonetheless listed as an official saint.

The identify ‘Valentinus’ comes from the Latin phrase for worthy, robust or highly effective, and have become in style between the second and eighth centuries.

There are round a dozen St. Valentines, and even a Pope Valentine.

He had a really brief papacy, dying simply 5 weeks after his election in October 827.

St. Valentine of Rome, who is well known on February 14, is patron saint of beekeepers, fainting, the plague, travelling and epilepsy.

He’s, in fact, additionally the patron saint of engaged {couples} and glad marriages.

St. Valentine’s cranium continues to be in Rome and on show within the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, the place it’s adorned with flowers.

It’s not at all times been there although.

The cranium was discovered within the early nineteenth century when skeletal stays and different relics now related to the saint had been dug up throughout an excavation of a catacomb close to Rome.

The findings had been break up, so different components of St. Valentine now reside in England, Scotland, Eire, France and the Czech Republic.

Historical past of Valentine’s Day

The historical past of Valentine’s Day as we all know it dates again to a Roman Competition known as Lupercalia.

In keeping with Historical, Lupercalia was a fertility competition held on February 15 that was devoted to Faunus, the Roman God of Agriculture.

Boys would draw women’ names from a field, and the pair could be companions for the festiva. These matches typically led to marriage.

Pope Gelasius I outlawed the competition on the finish of the fifth century, and established St. Valentine’s Day in 496AD as a Christian feast with no hyperlinks to like.

The primary hyperlink between the Valentine’s Day feast and love is believed to be in Geoffrey Chaucer’s 1375 poem ‘Parliament of Foules’.

In that poem he described February 14 because the day birds discovered their mate: “For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s day / Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.”

Curiosity in Valentine’s Day began to climb within the early 1800s when big numbers of printed playing cards had been offered.

0 Valentine Days day surprise card and chocolates
Valentine’s Day is banned in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

In 1913 Hallmark Playing cards in Kansas Metropolis started mass producing devoted Valentine’s Day playing cards, and curiosity actually took off.

That helped result in folks sending nameless playing cards with racy messages and poems tucked inside.

Today 25million Valentine playing cards are despatched yearly within the UK. These within the USA ship greater than 190million.

The act of signing them anonymously began within the Victorian period. In addition to avoiding potential embarrassment of being spurned, it was considered unhealthy luck to signal your identify.

Why are roses related to Valentine’s Day?

Since King Charles II of Sweden introduced the Persion poetical artwork often called ‘language of flowers’ to Europe within the early 1700s, roses have symbolised love.

The crimson rose can be believed to be the favorite of the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus.

In the meantime Cupid is the God of Want, Erotic Love and Attraction. He’s the son of Venus, Goddess of Love, and Mars, God of Battle. Cupid in Latin is ‘amor’ which implies love.

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