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Demolition Males Do Not Construct Nations, They Destroy Them I Past The Headlines-Siddharth Varadarajan

#Demolition #Males #Construct #Nations #Destroy #HeadlinesSiddharth #Varadarajan,
What do you do when you belong to a political occasion that by no means fought for India’s freedom towards the British? You’ll fabricate a brand new historical past and a brand new set of dates in order that the significance of August 15 is downplayed. That’s exactly what Narendra Modi did when he tried to match August 5 – the date he laid the muse for the Sangh parivar’s temple in Ayodhya – with the liberty wrestle!
In actuality, August 5 will go down in historical past as a day that celebrates the triumph of vandalism and destruction over renewal and regeneration, crime and illegality over regulation and justice, fiction and fabrication over actuality and reality.
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  1. Biren Backchi

    In our multi party parliamentary system when was any party got more then got more then 50 percent vote share.

  2. Biren Backchi

    Not Any party only the people of India who took part in freedom struggle. What do u think 100 million party members BJP and 400 million bjp voters ancestor was not took part in freedom struggle.

  3. Varji Bharat

    You must be ashamed of your birth. Talk against Muslims if you got balls. Soopari media.

  4. Ashish Pandya

    वायर की तो जल गई,😂😂😂
    राम मंदिर भारत की आस्था का प्रतीक है ये कोई आरएसएस का नही,बल्कि इस देश के सभी लोगों का एजेंडा है!!!!!


  5. Mahesh K

    This is classic case of sour grapes and venting out frustration by SV. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Rithvik T R

    Love you! 🙂

  7. Mrityunjay Kumar

    Ye sale wire vale bahut chutiye h…… Enka koi argument..argument ke layak nahi rahta… Ye logic ke pare hote h… Ye sirf BJP ka oppose karte..matter par nahi…
    I don't like them…. Even my friends don't like them…

  8. Sangamesh

    What u think about babar… Lutyans

  9. mr. Hasan

    These idiots are dragging India to the stone age, they are sowing a social distrust, intolerant society n slowly dragging ppl towards a kind of civil war by suppressing the weaks and all these are done by BJP-RSS during last 100+ yrs, can they count any big or good work that they have done for the society in last 70yrs not at all, yes they killed Gandhi, done riots, criminalizing society, false promises, failed policies, propagandas

  10. Pr Rider

    Many Hindus will like your words but still go and vote for bjp, this is like a dog’s tail..

  11. shreyas Agnihotri

    NDA had a 43% vote share in 2019. Remember UPA only had 28% vote share in 2004 but they went on to rule for a decade and took many decisions that 72% of India voted against. Then the decisions must become undemocratic by your stupid logic right?

  12. shreyas Agnihotri

    Well in Supreme Court it was proved that before 1528 the Ram Janmbhoomi had a Ram temple and forensic Expert Dr. K K Mohammad also proved that there were remains of some piller that had vedic inscription in remains of Babri. And thus SC delivered the decision as they did. Unfortunately for jehadi propagandists like you its only justice if decision favours muslims. Dharma won Adharma lost, now go keep on sulking.

  13. Rajesh Vyas



    When you started by a statement that a party not even participated in indian freedom
    Then why your political party make this democratic country
    Then it should be communist country

  15. Deepak Prasad

    Who runs The Wire

    First, lets look at the founders of The Wire –

    Siddharth Varadarajan,  an American citizen of Indian descent, was earlier editor of The Hindu newspaper, a publication known for its Marxist/Maoist ideology anti-Hindu slant. Varadarajan is a known Modi-baiter in the Lutyens’ Delhi media ecosystem. His brother Tunku Varadarajan, a US-based writer and journalist, has also been called out for his vitriolic Hindu-bashing. His wife Nandini Sundar is a DU professor who has been accused of deep links with Maoist terrorists.

    Sidharth Bhatia is a journalist and writer based in Mumbai. He frequently disses the ‘Sanghi mind’ on twitter and cheers when history textbooks in California denigrate Hindu Dharma, or when our ex-colonial masters in UK plan to introduce a dangerous law against ‘caste discrimination’ that would pit Dharmic communities against one another.

    M.K. Venu is another ex-The Hindu journalist who shot to national fame in the infamous Radia Tapes episode that exposed the corrupt journalist-corporate-politician-bureaucrat nexus that was UPA’s gift to the country. Venu is also believed to have a role in the dubious infusion of funds to NDTV that is related to the ongoing bank fraud investigation against NDTV promoters.

  16. Akhilesh Badrinath

    Vaise bhi propaganda Ka kachra hote jaa Raha hai.
    Kyun itna samay barbaad Ka rahe ho

  17. Santosh Thakur

    भारत के देशद्रोही बिकाऊ पत्रकार/मिडिया पर्सन बेनकाब

    *भारत के इन पत्रकारों को प्रतिमाह 2 से 5 लाख रुपए का भुगतान किया जाता है। प्रधानमंत्री मोदीजी के खिलाफ लिखने के लिए*🤔

    हेरतअंगेज खुलासे सबूतों के साथ

    68 journalists, writers and bureaucrats given 2-5 lakh/month to write against PM Modi through Cambridge Analytica.

    1. Sekhar Gupta.
    2. Mitali Saran,
    3. Mihir Sharma,
    4.Colin Gonsalvez,
    5. Kancha Ilaya Sephard,
    6. Akar Patel,
    7. Paranjay Guha,
    8. Pronay James Roy.
    9. Nidhi Razdan,
    10. Sagarika Ghosh,
    11. Monibina Gupta,
    12. S Vardarajan
    13. C K Venue,
    14. Rajdeep Sardesai,
    15. Arundhoti Suzzane Ray,
    16. Prof. Sazzad,
    17. Karan Thapar,
    18. Vinod Dua,
    19. Rabies Kumar,
    20. Ganesh Naddar, 21. Harsh Mandar,
    22. Sanjeev Bhatt dismissed IPS,
    23. Vikram Chandra, 24. Rohini Singh,
    25. Nayantara Sehgal,
    26. Ashok Dasgupta,
    27. Suva Prasanna,
    28. Aparna Sen,
    29. Suva Datta,
    30. Mk Vadrakumar.
    31. TN Srini Raghavan.
    32. Kana's Dasgupta,
    33. S Bhatia,
    34. Amulya Ganguli,
    35. Rana Ayub alias Maithli Jha,
    36. Burqua Dutt,
    37. Sanjay Jha, 38. Yogendra Yadav,
    39. Nandini Dash,
    40. Debi Goenka.
    41. Archis Mohan.

    More names in the below link..

  18. Jugwinder Gill

    India will never be sympathetic to Muslims mosques who tore down Hindu temples. Funny you forget to mention any history before the Islamic invasion.

  19. Gaunik Arora

    The Wire talking about " Fiction & Fabrication " 😀 😀

  20. Vijnana Bandhu

    Varadrajan, an American citizen is giving lectures on Indian politics & nationhood and India's urban yuppy puppies are lapping it all up !

  21. Biswajit Basumatary

    To dismay of The wire and leftist confused communist, BJP/RSS/MODI will return in 2024, 2029, 2034 with absolute majority again.

  22. Thangboi Haokip OM

    This govt will go down in history as the most divisive and destructive for India. I can't think of a single thing that this govt did right. The most incompetent govt ever. Doesn't have a clue on economy, pandemic, unemployment, infrastructure development, border intelligence, etc. If there is one thing that this govt excel, it has to be propaganda and lies.

  23. Pavan Sai

    Yes congress men are demolition men.. they did so many scams.. including recent PMNRF also.. and wire news support them..

  24. Chiranjib Sharma

    Melmo Swiden, Banglore Riot, peace …..great example…. 5th of Aug a proud day for the nation… Jai Hind…

  25. jen

    It seems like someone's a** is on🔥 and Burnol is Urgently required 😂😂😂

  26. jen

    Siddharth Varadrajan, u and ur wife Nandini Sundar both are Urban Naxals.

  27. K K

    Those who believe Islamic rulers like Babar never demolished Ram & other Hindu temples. Here's the proof, when you visit Delhi go & see the Qutub minar & the surrounding building. You'll find Muslim architecture built on Hindu pillars just Check the broken Hindu idols of Ganesha Vishnu & bell & many more symbols on those pillars even the Qutub minar itself is a Hindu structure. I myself saw it personally when I went to Delhi I was shocked. Since when Did Islamic rulers start building Mosques with Hindu idol & bells carved on the pillars as Idols & bell is prohibited in Islam. Those who forget the history or tend to deny the truth are bound to become slaves. Dear Hindus No need to feel guilty Babri Masjid was built after demolishing our Ram temple today we have got our sacred land back. Don't fall prey to these leftist channels they always try hard to make the Hindus feel guilty like a criminal.
    Please check on you tube Qutub minar is a Hindu structure for those who can't visit Delhi.

  28. Chandrashekaran Subramanian

    It'll be a replica of a Hindu temple where God won't be there, Ram wouldn't certainly be there. They can keep the photos of all miscreants n demolishers, obviously ppl will visit but they'll walking over the remnants of another temple… May God bless India

  29. Ayub Baureek

    A temple cannot be built in the name of a being who was born of parents That being cannot be god. All those who pray that being will be doomed to hell where heat is 70 times more than here. Those who are at the top are without scruples are fooling the poor indians.

  30. Jnaneshwar Konanur

    This is the problem of media, "anything or anyone I disagree with is wrong". Everyone is guilty of it including you.


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