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Lighting your tank. You ask, we check! | BRStv Investigates

Prepare for an in-depth look into Steel Halide, T5, and LED reef tank lighting as we embark on a brand new BRStv Investigates collection! We are going to put every gentle supply to the check in an try to find which is the perfect in your tank and corals!

Here is among the lighting we shall be placing to the check!

As we speak on BRStv, we’ve a model new episode of our collection, BRStv Investigates. On this collection, we discover common reefing theories, merchandise, strategies, and what the manuals are lacking, with a deal with placing them to the check!

You guys requested and we’re going to reply!

In at this time’s video, Ryan explains the methodology of this new testing collection the place we put every kind of lighting supply to the check, in an effort to lastly resolve which is the perfect! He describes what we shall be testing for in addition to how we shall be conducting the exams!

So observe alongside and see what’s within the works for this new collection and share your ideas within the feedback beneath as to what you want to see for future exams!

Additionally, make sure you maintain a watch out for future episodes as we examine the whole lot from ceramic media effectiveness to how lengthy your T5 bulbs really final; all in our persevering with effort to assist make reefing a bit extra enjoyable and straightforward for you and your tank!

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  1. PaulEwog116

    I'd like to know more about that clownfish/BTA setup you keep showing in this video. My next project is going to be a bta only reef and I've thought about the large clown colony but from what I have read you eventually end up with one pair and the rest dead. A video on that tank would be great.

  2. Partrick S

    I just want an amazing led light for the cheapest possible price.

  3. Conor Breen

    Test those Fluval Reef LEDs you see in all the big pet store chains

  4. Meldium

    How about Par 38 LED bulbs? I've seen many people use them for main display. I myself used 6 of them on my 55g Reef. and 5 on my 35g Cube. Great success using them, but still Dont know if you would test them. I have videos on my channel that shows them.

  5. Doragon

    Two questions.
    One, is a 165 watt mars aqua led ok on a 20 by 16 by 16 reef ok. Only easy corals ie Duncan's, torch, frogspawn, bubble tip. Also, how bright should it be, cause I can't afford a par meter.
    Two, what kelvin is moonlight?

  6. Killer Entertainment

    Hey BRS … Can yall please give a advantages and disadvantages of a tall marine tank.

    I am getting 60x24x29 tank and I am trying to plan ahead of things to consider like Flow
    adjustments, Rock placement, live stock, LED adjustment ( because it so tall I have to put my led 90% to penetrate to the bottom .. but i cant have coral to high because the light might be to intense. )

    Not much info on youtube or internet for beginners on tall tanks.

  7. Alin Reef

    I still dont know at how much power I need to configure my Radion XR15 G4 pro in my 24 gallons size 18x18x18" and the radion at 9,8" from water level.
    So is a 25cm from water and a 45cm deep tank cube. Now im on 60% intensity and whites at 25%, red at 0% and uv at 40%.
    Should I use more intensity? I have sps lps and some soft like zoanthus. Ty!


    My tank came with four hydra 26 and so far everything looks good to my naked eye like you mentioned

  9. Troy Long

    it be cool if u can compare a light from a friend of mines company called sbreeflights @ and compair it to radions and ai. I have one sbreeflight and thinking on getting more but not sure of I want them or radion or ai

  10. antjaw

    This is the lighting test I would LOVE to see. Make multiple equal sized frags from the same colony of SPS, LPS, Zoa
    and Pally (Or other coral types as well). Grow them for a month in the same tank so you know that they have healed and select the frags that are most similar in size/color. Create a setup with multiple tanks of the exact size all plumbed together. All tanks would then be using the same water and being tested with 100 % equal parameters. Each tank would have the exact same pump with the same placement so that the flow is identical in each tank. Place a different light type/configuration over each tank. Each tank is separated by a barrier to prevent any light "bleedover". Place a frag of SPS, LPS, Zoa and Pally into each tank. Monitor for growth and coloration. You could take this series even further after this test. After determining the best lighting source, use that for a similar test for tank parameters(Alk, Phosphates, nitrates), trace elements, salinity, PH, coral placement, additives, food, temperature…etc. You could essentially build the holy grail of tanks once all of these parameters are know.
    I love the videos and have learned a great deal from them. Thanks for all of your hard work. It is appreciated!

  11. jbeanz24

    can anybody tell me what kind of anthias are in the tank at 3:22

  12. Uriel G

    Test ocean revive I'm a beginner so far I love them you can adjust blue and white and can be put on timer

  13. mr anoraks

    what would be the best cheapest lighting option for a 220 reef tank

  14. WAZZA

    How on earth does this video get thumbs down????
    Trolls are taking over the world people, there is no stopping them
    Great vid guy's

  15. Dragon Slayer

    i would like to see a show down, between ecotech, kessil, and GHL Mitras, maybe in a tournament fashion, winner goes on to the next round. It could be a "lighter" video.

  16. Moetivation !

    I would like to see you cover the Current ic loop led. thanks for the video

  17. Jared Springer

    Can you please test kessil a160 blue tuna vs 360……………….

  18. TheRedGamerFPV

    Legend says that every dislike is kids moms or someone's wife for making them bankrupt on a Red Sea reefer 360

  19. James Harden

    How do I light my tank with a conopy?

  20. R2REEF

    Can anyone help we with setting up my AI Prime light setting for a fluvial evo 13?

  21. NeoStorm

    Omg!!!! I can't wait for the Maxspect Razor R420R 160w 16k test!!! I need this in my life. I have it and can't seem to find the sweet spot. Ugh!! Driving me crazy. Lol haha Thanks for doing this hope it's soon 👍🏼👍🏼

  22. BoostedBadBoy ZX12R

    Ocean Revive T247 and the Mars Aqua 165w wifi …. seen good growth with these but want to see your scientific breakdown. 😉

  23. Scott K

    For what it's worth the "disco ball" effect has no negative effect on our corals. Good or bad, It's just personal taste. From a scientific perspective there is no such thing as 1 blended spectrum. The sun produces all the wavelengths (colors) of light individually but at the same time. Plants, corals, and even our eye see them as the individual wavelengths that they are. Our brain is what blends the signals so we think it's "white" light. But there's actually no such thing as "white" light in physics. Therefore the disco effect isnt whats making some people's corals unhappy. It probably has to do with people wanting too much red and other colors which corals dont need. Also hot spots caused by not having enough leds of the right spectrum, so the aquarist compensates by placing what few leds they have too close to certain corals which can burn them while not providing enough light for others. Some of these "colors", like red, would only be found in nature at shallow depths in which case those corals even in nature have the worst color, often brown.

  24. Forrest Huntington

    At 5:05 min what is in the right corner of the tank? is that an over flow leading to a sump or something else? @BulkReefSupplyCom

  25. Bill Cristofaro

    LED lighting is bad for humans, I would think it may be bad for corals too.

  26. TeeCee

    This series and the many you continue to produce (IMO) are some of the best out there! I can watch these and geek out on the hobby I love! The more I learn, I realize the less I really knew.

  27. Nick Stano

    I cant find the latest update for this video, if there is one.

  28. mattkavili

    I’d like to see a straight up coral growth test. Take a bunch of GSP, Zoas, and some birds nest, all from the same colony. Put em under different lights and see which one grows faster.

  29. Matthew Rice

    Not expecting an answer here. But the light that you have hanging over your tank behind you. What is that and how much?

  30. Superfizzo

    Useful Idiot made me laugh

  31. ABH3

    i have your ocean revive 45 gallon what settings for sps lps……my blues are 85 white 20….

  32. ABH3

    reef brite blues i use no white on low setting on 45 gallons is that ok

  33. ABH3

    Thx guys.

  34. ABH3

    Lumi. Are like t5s…

  35. dc110770

    Could you do a Hydra 52 had and a Triton Lani One review please?

  36. Elay Sieukfp

    I am planning my first SW tank. the lights are so expensive. I might have to go for a rock only tank :/
    Do you have any tips for me when it comes to lights? I dont even know what to look for in the lights

  37. BBcoach81

    Can you guys do a review (PAR etc) for common surface lighting like the Fluval Marine 3.0 please! Such limited information on these yet a common option on the market. Thanks

  38. Matthew Schwartz

    time to update this way outdated review with the new Zetlight ZS-7300 REEF AQUARIUM LED LIGHT

  39. Akhiruzzaman Habib

    i am on a budget so can i use two nano tank lights in my 36*18*21 tank? 50 gallon


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