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Ludacris: Still Inconegro. I do my top MCs list differently. First… | by mauludSADIQ | The Brothers | Jan, 2021

Ludacris: Still Inconegro. I do my top MCs list differently. First… | by mauludSADIQ | The Brothers | Jan, 2021

I do my top MCs list differently. First of all, I don’t do em. But if backed into a corner, I relent and this is how I do it — by decades. It makes absolutely no sense in the world trying to compare Drake with Grandmaster Caz. That’s like trying to compare the iPhone 12 with a DynaTAC, crying out that the iPhone sold more copies and has more advanced technology. Bitch, there would be no iPhone without the DynaTAC, and there would be no Drake without Caz.

But alas, once in that corner if I had to give a (not The) a top five MC of the aughts, Ludacris has to be all up in there. I had stumbled on one of his Rap City in the Basement freestyles and was stank face. Which made me look at some of his performances from them years…first of all, he was an Emcee for real. He had stage presence, breath control, his shows varied, he got the crowd hyped and Luda had hits.

Hits on hits on hits. To the point where some of his forgotten songs are also damn hits — hits. But I forgot how big Luda was. I can’t be alone (that was one of my thoughts when I saw that bullshit Funk Flex list released 14 Jan 2021 with Luda at No 44).

I ain’t always take Luda seriously. I knew he could rap, liked his flows, but I can’t say that I ever anticipated his albums nor did I ever consider myself a fan. Initially I just saw him as the partner for Poon Daddy, Chris Luva Luva. I thought Luda was doing like a lot of people did in them days, trying his hand at rap as a side gig. Then I left American music and immersed myself in Brit music (which is another story for another day).

But I heard Luda on road trips, I watched Luda on BET events like Spring Bling, I rocked with him. I just ain’t see him properly. And whether you’re measuring by all them platinum plaques, flow, voice, breath control, whatever, you gotta rate Ludacris. This is a message to self, first.

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