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Meghan Markle Provides FIRST INTERVIEW as She Adjusts to Public Life

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The Duchess of Sussex made her return to Hollywood in a pre-recorded interview for the Disney+ documentary, ‘Elephant,’ that aired on Monday’s ‘Good Morning America.’ In the meantime, she and her husband, Prince Harry, have been busy volunteering with LA’s Mission Angel Meals amid the coronavirus pandemic. The couple just lately relocated to Southern California, and are gearing as much as launch their new non-profit group. ET realized that the couple introduced on Sunday that they’re additionally implementing a brand new media relations coverage, which incorporates reducing off 4 main British tabloids.

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  1. Victoria Philip

    She presents her project marvellously here with dignity,…Wish the same could be said with harry and her disastrous interview with the blessings of misguided media experts ..!

  2. simpsoned27

    Adjusts? She lives in the public and has for well over a decade.

  3. Andrew Crockett

    Not sure if makeup is covering her moles or she had them removed…her skin looks perfect.

  4. A Butterfly

    They’ve been seen MANY times what a joke how many times have they come out of they’re palace to help during covid?? Virtually non existent and when they did twice they left in 15 minutes saying it wasn’t safe …… really ????
    Get over yourselves!!!

  5. A Butterfly

    She’s 43-44 she’s had her real age scrubbed!!!
    Her classmates and pics have confirmed it.

  6. Aoibhinn Marie

    The executive director says about them turning up to give out packages for 5 minutes 'they wanted to do it quietly'. Hmmm, so that's why they brought their own photographer & released photos of them there 'doing charity work'. It's sad to see people falling for their PR .

  7. ROG

    Well, I like them both. I wouldn't want to live with the inbred royals either. They make their own money and lots of it. Harry had the balls to leave that judgmental stuck up royals that mistreated his mother. Good for him.

  8. Debbie Collins

    Just Harry and Megain are irrelevant and nobody cares about them.

  9. Ladycarpenter

    Love her voice, she's has the perfect rhthym.

  10. Henriquez Aguila

    Making a puppet of your husband is not being a feminist. Getting jobs to show your body and your pretty surgically fixed face isn't either.

  11. Henriquez Aguila

    Her husband should have been doing his duties with the military not looking for a job for her in Disney. Shame on them. It is all about them right? Nice way to show how hipocritical they are.

  12. J

    0:38 "how connected we all arrrrrrrrr" LOOOOL

  13. alayna flowers

    Not a fan of hers, at all! She's very calculated & used the Royal family for her future endeavors! Wake up & watch, you'll come to the same conclusion too.

  14. Acorn Tree

    i admire her alot. If you look at what shes done since she was a kid, she is a born winner. You dont like her? Dont watch, dont read about her. Simple. As far as im concerned, she isnt hurting anyone and if anything she is trying to help people and animals. Get a grip of your hating lives. Ya'll haters are the first people who will go on social media and share memes about helping people with depression while at the same time bullying people.

  15. ProsperityQueen Grace

    This Madmeg is a crazy one! Is Hollywood out of good stars??? Why hire this narcissist?! She is fake!!!

  16. E 3

    She had no intentions on living out of the public light. Instead we are forced to see that hideous face, and listen to that horrible voice of hers.

  17. Duaa Dahho

    I didnt know there was a job called "Royal expert" LOL

  18. Rainbowbrite899 G

    True narcissist. One who cannot see she is not liked because she is the reason.

  19. Jean Frances Parker

    Quietly delivering meals , that a laugh they took there own photographer

  20. Eliza101 101

    Lady Colin Campbell's book – Meghan and Harry, The Real Story should be read!
    It makes the whole hypocrisy of this couple clear
    Greedy/Selfish pair

  21. Rowlands Claire

    Cute baby. You are my role model, Meghan.i love you so much

  22. Michele Karin Williams

    Is there anything or anyone that Meghan doesn't know about, care about, and spent lots of time with. I mean, here she is telling the interviewer that she's spent a lot of time with frigging elephants. I don't get how she has had the time to do so much with her life, giving it is obviously too busy for her to remain in contact with life long friends or family.

    As for poor Harry. Yes Harry, you have a child to protect, but not a family. Your time will come. But I doubt you'll get your rings back in the mail. She will want to hold onto them because they belonged to Diana and are worth a fortune. She has conned you into believing she has a lot in common with your mother but in reality there could not be two women more opposite from one another in every possible way.

  23. Janice Leighton

    Did not do it quietly got someone to take photos and video doing it then leaking it


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