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Nikki Bella Is Accused of Enjoying Favorites: "Total Bellas" Recap (S5, Ep4) | E!

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JJ feels Nikki is displaying her true colours in terms of his daughters, Brie’s automobile will get burglarized and mama Bella does not need Artem within the household picture. Watch on “Total Bellas!”

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Nikki Bella Is Accused of Enjoying Favorites: “Total Bellas” Recap (S5, Ep4) | E!,
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  1. Huzaifa Malik

    Wtf is this keeping Up with the Kardashians

  2. Thomas Blue

    And Nikki and brie bella brother looks like baron corbin

  3. Thomas Blue

    They way nikki ran to artem and didn't even hug her mom lol

  4. Tisha D

    JJ come out the closet already

  5. Jessica Liu

    Lauren/JJ’s wife is a bad sister she was exited when Artem wasn’t going to ne in the photo and Brie’s hair she can do it be herself she has to help and get in the way. SUCH BAD WIFE SISTER AND MOM!

  6. josh's bullet club

    The fame and attention his sisters get is getting to him. They don’t make enough time for him anymore. Its always all about them just because they are social media stars. His deliveries of how he felt were terrible but he has a point.

  7. Galinia Kwong

    I feel like JJ and Lauren gonna be at mad at Brie and Nikki that Mateo and Buddy have closer bond with each other more than their girls eventually.

  8. aria

    I can’t stand his wife 🙄 she’s like giving her dumb opinion in every family conversation, like I understand she’s family now but it’s surprising to see how immature and jealous JJ and his wife can be, over a baby.

  9. Fatima Salman

    Artem is so sweet why would there mom do that how left out and hurtful artem would have felt 🙁

  10. kyra castellanos

    Fun fact jay jay and his wife are trumped supporters so they suck

  11. Asa Falaniko

    JJ says “she doesn’t even know your name.”
    Then he says “No, I don’t want to change you”
    What is this boi talkin about.
    Plus, he can’t blame Nikki for V not knowing her name. Why can’t he just tell his daughters her name instead of them trying to learn on themselves.

  12. Asa Falaniko

    He acts like Nikki and Brie aren’t twins. Obviously Nikki would spend more time with Brie and her kids.

  13. mixdmelody

    The way nikki swerves kathy ahha

  14. Aniseta Larsen

    What’s up with his wife??!! She seems jealous and has issues?!!!!

  15. Corrie E

    Brie is Nicole’s TWIN of course they’re going to be close and of course Birdie is going to be close Nicole.

  16. Nađa Galešić

    I am SRY but how can jjs wife be in the Family Photo and artam can't like wtf That's rude

  17. Theresa Walker

    I swear I feel her family is so insensitive towards nikki. They never think about nikki, taking artem out? I mean hes family now but…

  18. Char Raven

    Lol J was on target if it embarrassed ' mom' well good she should b..

  19. Lucy McKean

    JJ needs to grow up like u and ur wife jealous over a baby like their neighbours of course she'll see birdie more like doesn't mean she favours her like get over yourself so petty

  20. Maria Atanacio

    Not y’all hating on JJ he’s obviously just jealous that birdie get more attention

  21. Fp

    JJ is so rude to artem like let nikki and artem be happy

  22. Allie Stokely

    bruh really JJ… they are next door neighbors ofc they would be closer to each other. what an idiot

  23. Riley C

    If I thought my sister wasn't making an effort to spend time with my children I would say it to her face and not talk behind her back until the point that I blew up and accused her. I think he felt legitimately hurt, but he was ultimately in the wrong for how he treated Nikki in retaliation

  24. Chelsea LeVey

    I understand that he was mad at Nikki and they were arguing but what was the purpose of telling Artem about the picture? Like he didn’t do anything to JJ🥺

  25. Neila Salazar

    I mean I don’t mean to be rude but birdie is so much cuter than Vivian I’m sorry it’s my opinion lol,They both are beautiful but I personally like birdie better

  26. Jay Bando

    Ok real quick about the car being broken into who tf ain’t gonna take those earrings and leave like potato chips and cigarettes that’s not how they roll and how they got a bullet in the car and there isn’t glass everywhere

  27. Stanley Fields

    You can tell the brother was raised around nothing but women he has a lot of very feminine characteristics! Sad

  28. Se Se

    I forgot how ridiculous Nikki stans were…. until I read these comments 🤣 Even Brie said she was in the wrong, but her fangirls can't accept it. Their idol is NEVER wrong.

  29. Angela

    Omg they’re big babies

  30. ToxicxD

    When birdie sad oh noo 🥺🥺

  31. Sa'Morria Anderson

    Can i just say momma bella would have loved to have john in the photo but not artem its like she doesn't like artem but she loved john or is it just me?

  32. Chelsea LeVey

    I get why in the last scene Nikki ran to Artemis because they were arguing but like why did he have to out his mom about the family photo thing when their fight had nothing to do with that

  33. Ajay Mathew

    From which platform i can watch it episodes wise ?? Full season pls reply any one

  34. McKenzie McMillan

    I feel for Nikki’s boyfriend such a good man and he puts up with all her family’s bullshit


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