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Privatisation: What Does It Actually Imply?

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“The talk about privatization is actually selling some assets into the private sector; the ones that have raised a lot of hope in the markets are two public sector banks and one of the general insurance companies. For the banks, it would be a grave mistake to sell it to an industrialist,” says Raghuram Rajan, former RBI Governor, on what privatisation actually means within the Indian context.

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  1. niyati patra

    It's really nice to hear from you sir🙏

  2. SreenivasaRao Ponguru

    Nonsense… What about Indians..what about people working and who are paying taxes directly, Indirectly …? No channel speaks about this fundamental issue….you pay tax, and die after retirement.

  3. Nikola Tesla

    What does it mean? It means you're going to lose your job and your pension.

  4. Yuva Raj

    All privatization but purchase government airbus, bullet proof car, and something

  5. Shubham Gautam

    Sir jee andhbhakton ko abhi nahi samajh mein aa raha hai
    Lekin aayega zarur

  6. Ceevee Mydeen

    Government's businesses is not to run the business
    only to govern the business
    whether it's private or public.

    It's easier to govern private sector than public sector.

  7. Ceevee Mydeen

    Actually the public sector lobby is cheating the majority of people for some employees and their brokers.

  8. Shrikanth S.shimpi

    NPA loans are increasing day by day and they are not recoverable due to weak administration and corruption.

  9. dev devan

    55 percent of Indian population lives below UN poverty line. For more than 700 million population we need essential services like banking, transport, telicom in rural areas and health taken care of by government. this is because private players will not do charity and we can't leave such large population to the mercy of private coperation. We cannot become a developed country by denying the vast population the access to basic resources in this morden age.

  10. kameswar elangbam

    Is Raguram Rajan still relevant in today's context ? Similarly Nobel Laurate Amrita Sen etc etc are being brought to few national channels, Is there some vested interest and other adjudgments with the channel and concerned persons in question????

  11. Eyanur Hoque

    those who dislike this video are andh bhakt and they even not understand what he said .simply come and dislike.

  12. Manorama Bara

    Ending Raghuram Rajan's term as RBI chief, biggest mistake of BJP government. This action proved that the BJP government does not really want the development of India, instead wants to take taxpayers money for themselves and Raghuram was a big hurdle in the way…. every intellectual Indian is an enemy for the BJP and they r considered as n labelled as anti nationals….😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  13. Ankush P

    Modi sab Kuch private kio Kar Raha h kio k corruption or bad sake…
    1. AJ Jo pesa salary pension me kharach ho raha h budget wo Sara pesa janta ko dene ki zarurat Nahi.
    2. Fir ambani adani ki farji companies ko loan dene k liye kafi dhan hoga
    3. Ambani adani company me loss karenge or Sara loan Ka pesa kh jayenge.
    4. Modi or BJP k pass bhi chori Ka adha pesa batega.
    5. Sarkari nokri to khatam hongi he sath me private bhi..kio k jab company he farji hogi to private nokri kaha se milegi.
    6.Agar Kisi ko private nokri milegi bhi to usse 12hrs ki duty Bina bethe li Jayegi or No TA DA No bonus or No leaves No gratuity.. camera Apke sar par laga kr Pura kam liya Jayega or apka digital India ho jayega.
    7. Bank doob jayenge kio k private companies bank loan ka pesa dubo dengi..jese Punjab & Maharashtra bank me huya…apka Sara saving Ka pese doob jayega..or apko 1 lakh he miljega ro k..esa kanoon bana diya gya h.
    Janta Soch le k aj marna h ya KAL…

  14. Abhishek Bal

    The whole country is privatised in the hands of 4 particular Gujaratis since 2014…

  15. Abhishek Bal

    “It is a grave mistake to sell these banks to corporates – who would find ways to waive off their huge outstanding and result in malfeasance” well said Raghuram Rajan. Mind guessing the corporates. More precisely the 2 corporates only

  16. Ambarish Karmalkar

    what's the problem to R3 if HDFc buys one of the PSU! He says it will become too what? Is SBI not too big to fail?

  17. vinod kumar

    Tum log chutiya bnana chhod. Paisa earn krna itna asan nhi. Add

  18. Aneesh Chowdhury

    This guy himself supported and appreciated privatization a few months back.

  19. raghu garikapaty

    RRR is sub par university professor in USA. Hardly anybody takes his opinion US. Cibbu, RRR & Arvind Subhramanyam, it is easy guess what is common in them. RRR is partly responsible for Bank scams, he enjoyed his post, did nothing and now giving advice is a joke.

  20. NAF_K

    अगर privatisation इस लिए करना है कि psb की परफार्मेँस खराब है तो यह बात बिल्कुल गलत है। प्राय: हमारे हर सरकारी दफतर की परफार्मेस पर सवालिया निशान रहता है। तो हम क्या क्या privatise करेँगे। जानकारोँ का कहना है कि हमारी अधिकतर समस्याएँ खराब governance से जुडी है। इसीलिए कुछ experts का मान्ना है कि हमेँ 'विकास' को भूल कर governance पर अपना ध्यान केन्द्रित करना चाहिए। पर यह बात भी सच है कि governance को improve करना बहुत मुश्किल काम होता है। बडे काबिल, ईमानदार और committed लोगोँ की जरूरत होती.है।

  21. Anna tiger

    No more Govt job perks for lazy bank employees

  22. Anna tiger

    Capitalism is taking shape in India 🇮🇳 at even a faster pace than expected

  23. karan desai

    ambani and adani smiling secretly

  24. Dharmesh Marfatiya

    प्राइवेट नौकरी में 10 से 15 हजार कमाने वाले कभी हड़ताल पर नही जाते

    जबकी 80 से 90 हजार वालो सरकारी जमाईयों को हमेसा पेट खाली रहता है ,
    इसलिए निजीकरण जरूरी है

  25. Anuj Thakkar

    This same man advocated for privatisation of some of the banks in 2013 when he was the RBI Governor. No wonder Modi removed him as his political bias was always coming in the way.

  26. Maheswar Reddy

    NDTV is fake and Anti national support channel.

  27. Maheswar Reddy

    This stupid NDTV channel carefully does conversation in such a way that it will result in Anti Modi and Anti Nationalist.

  28. Mister Alam

    Re bjp valo desh ki vo bech do r desh ki janta ko bhi .dekhlo and andho bhakti .ye bhartya jghanya party hai.

  29. Mr. Prava

    In search of gold (Ambani &Adani )
    Modi lost diamond (voters)

  30. Chennai Super kings

    Raghuram Rajan must keep away from India . He spoiled india enough already … no need for his Gyan . Stupid fellow spoiled millions of life including mine .

  31. Chennai Super kings

    I have account in 2 of these banks …. total useless service I am suffering for last 15 years and of late it’s worst … FM please give to private players like HDFC or similar . BOI , IOB both are the worst service … we customers are suffering … FM please help

  32. Naked Truth

    All Major Gvnt Organizations Was Privatized Long Back In Developed Countries Like USA UK ..
    People Look Like India To Be Developed only Oppose This Decision !

    We can put full stop to the reservations with this and only performance based promotions and recruitment will be implemented !
    India Grows Fast with Privatization!


    I think you all agree that ambani, adani, Tata, Birla, TVS, Mahendra, infosis etc to be kicjedout from India.
    No private industries to be setup in India. Better to import all from China

  34. Ruata 4 Cabin

    Modi and his privatization dreams is going to dilute India.

  35. Vish Ptl

    Only ndtv buying him ?

  36. Sunil Savalkar

    The only motive behind privatisation is to counter reservations. They don’t want OBC ST SC to be in the power.


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