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The Spike: An Epic Journey By means of the Mind in 2.1 Seconds

My new guide about your life in spikes

Credit score: Princeton College Press

Your life is lived in spikes. Your mind makes use of electrical energy to speak, its neurons speaking to one another by sending tiny pulses of voltage down a gossamer skinny cable. We neuroscientists name these pulses “spikes”. And as spikes are how neurons talk, they’re the way you do something: discuss, eat, and run; see, plan, and resolve.

It’s the spikes pouring forth from the tip of motor neurons that make your muscular tissues contract simply so, right into a broad grin, eyes wrinkling; into an outstretched arm, greedy that steaming mug; into the thumb swiping up and up, scrolling and scrolling and scrolling your feeds.

It’s the spikes pouring out of your retina that introduced the grin-inducing skit, the half-forgotten espresso, the smeary cellphone display into your purview. And it’s the spikes pouring throughout cortex that do a lot of what makes you human, of studying, listening to, and understanding phrases.

Of the 86 billion neurons within the grownup human mind, about 17 billion of these are discovered within the cortex. Every of these sends at most one spike per second, on common. The United Nations tells us the anticipated lifespan of a human on this planet is about 70 years. That’s greater than two billion seconds, every of which incorporates about 17 billion spikes in your cortex. All advised, your lifespan is about 34 billion billion cortical spikes.

In my new guide, THE SPIKE, I let you know the story of simply two of these seconds. Of a easy act: you see that final cookie within the workplace, and suppose — nobody will thoughts if I take that, proper?

The story of a spike’s journey from the attention that receives the sunshine bouncing from the vista earlier than you of desktop, field, cookie, and coworkers, by way of the seeing components of cortex turning patterns of sunshine and shade into the sides, curves, crumbs and colors of the cookie, on to cortical areas for perceiving, deciding, and remembering, plunging into the depths of the motor system, and out, out by way of the backbone and on to the muscular tissues, lastly transferring your hand to what your eye can see. A journey from seeing to deciding to transferring, from eye handy.

THE SPIKE is the story of in all places the spike was despatched, and of all the things it noticed on the best way — the twinkling galaxy of neurons, the deep darkness of the cortex, the loneliest neuron. Of splitting right into a thousand clones. Of spontaneous start and instantaneous dying. An epic journey, all in however a second of time.

But a journey replayed two billion instances over, in your life in spikes.

The mewl you emitted in your look on this planet. Your first wobbly, unsure steps. The ache when Susan’s wildly swinging arm knocked out your wobbly tooth in main college. Recognising that cluster of bushes within the distance, and the reduction of figuring out you’ll now discover your approach throughout the damp, foggy hills again to the welcome heat of the automotive. Plucking up the braveness to ask for a date, and blurting all of it out in a rush. The flush of embarrassment. The quiet euphoria of a sure. Deciding you simply need to do one thing in regards to the conflict between the purple couch and the lime inexperienced curtains. Remembering the odor of your mum’s bread and pa’s roast hen. Cradling your child. Studying this sentence. And this one.

All spikes.

From the magnificent to the mundane, all the things you’ve accomplished is in these 34 billion billion spikes which have streamed throughout your cortex. If I had been to write down the story of your life with one phrase for each spike, your biography can be longer than the mixed size of all novels in English ever printed.

You’ll forgive me if I tried one thing extra tractable: As an alternative I wrote the biography of the spike, of all the things we find out about your mind’s personal language.

Credit score: Princeton College Press

The Spike: An Epic Journey By means of the Mind in 2.1 Seconds is printed by Princeton College Press, and will likely be launched worldwide on March ninth 2021 as a hardback, e-book, and audiobook.

Some locations to purchase:
US: Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | Amazon
UK: Hive | Foyles | Waterstones | Amazon
Canada: BAM | Indigo | Amazon

Can’t discover it the place you’re? Order direct from the publishers, with delivery worldwide

Listen to a sample from the audiobook

Extra reward for THE SPIKE:

“This book is truly wonderful. Mark Humphries takes us on a magical, demystifying tour of the brain, letting us tag along on a neural signal’s journey from eyeball to hand — as when you see a mosquito and swat it. Rollicking but deftly organized, The Spike is cast in everyday, easygoing language yet backed by tight science and state-of-the-art insights. This book’s fresh approach will charm novices as well as old neurobiological hands.” — Patricia S. Churchland, writer of Conscience: The Origins of Ethical Instinct

“The Spike is a fun yet deeply informative account of the electrical journey that information takes as it passes into our eyes and through our mind, and ultimately leads us to act. Drawing on the latest neuroscientific discoveries and theories, Humphries tells a compelling story of how minute changes in electrical signals in the brain give rise to our thoughts and actions.” — Russell A. Poldrack, writer of Laborious to Break: Why Our Brains Make Habits Stick

“The Spike gives a brilliant overview of our current understanding of brain function, from perception to action, based on our knowledge of systems neuroscience. Conveying ideas and concepts with impressive clarity, Humphries covers an astonishing amount of scientific literature. A joy to read.” — Matthias Hennig, College of Edinburgh

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