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There’s Some Good News about Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine | by Elad Simchayoff | Jan, 2021

There’s Some Good News about Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine | by Elad Simchayoff | Jan, 2021

Studies from the world leader in Covid-19 vaccination give a reason for cautious optimism

Photo: Steven Cornfield /Unsplash

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine trials were good, extremely good even, but partial. The participants who received the vaccine during the Phase 3 trial were analyzed based on symptoms, or lack thereof, and not regularly checked for the presence of Covid-19.

This left a major question unanswered: Does the vaccine only protect against a severe disease with symptoms, or does it fully protect against the possibility to get infected and as a result prevents those who were vaccinated from infecting others?

Some argued that without this answer, the data is not complete. Experts agreed that further testing is needed. In order to start receiving any answers two main conditions needed to be met:

  1. Enough time had to pass in order to get a better perspective.
  2. More people needed to get the vaccine in order for the data to be more accurate and suited for “real-world” use.

While there are still no definite answers, and more testing is still needed, one country reached these two milestones, and while being the world leader in vaccination rate, has also conducted thorough research on the vaccine’s effects. The indications coming from these studies are fascinating and carry more than a glimpse of optimism.

Israel is way ahead in its vaccination campaign with almost 20% of its population vaccinated in less than a month. Photo: OurWorldInData

Israel started its vaccination campaign on December 19 with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being the first Israeli to be vaccinated. Since then, the country has been moving forward at record-breaking speed. In less than a month (written on January 12), 1,910,330 Israelis received the vaccine, meaning 22.1% of the whole population.

This allowed Israel to conduct a few studies with hundreds of thousands of participants and reach some important conclusions that, while needs to be further tested, can teach us greatly about the Covid-19 vaccine.

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