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Unserviceable Nebraska

Should you’d prefer to make a name, nope.

Photograph by Laura Seaman on Unsplash

Bear in mind the nice outdated days the place the Verizon man wandered by means of commercials and places asking, “Can you hear me now?” Cellphone towers have advanced to the purpose that useless spots are practically a factor of the previous.


Name me low cost, however I haven’t had an everyday cellphone provider since T-Cellular needed to cost me to ship away and repair a telephone that had a free software program replace. I’ve gone by means of totally different side-squirrel cellphone suppliers by means of the years to maintain my prices down. Paying greater than twenty bucks for any telephone service irritates me.

Good, unhealthy, and detached service firms flickered within the background, typically doing the naked minimal to keep up their maintain on my pocketbook. Most had the sort of customer support that overused, “How the hell may I screw you?” trope. The businesses are actually good at telling you that “We don’t do that,” even when you paid for them to do precisely that.

My most up-to-date change in cell telephones occurred as a result of I lastly determined to pay for knowledge as an alternative of counting on unreliable WiFi. On a lark, I bought a plan from Mint Cellular.

The explanations I went with Mint Cellular are as follows:

1. I might proceed paying underneath twenty {dollars} a month whereas having limitless discuss, textual content, and 8GB of information.

2. I like Deadpool.

3. Ryan Reynolds’s superb advertising and marketing crew.

So, as you possibly can see, I hard-core-researched the subject. Positive, I regarded as much as see protection areas. After I noticed gaps in sure locations, I shrugged and requested myself, “Do I really think I’ll ever be stuck in Nebraska?”

Cue to a yr later, and as my good friend and I drove throughout the USA, I poked my GPS for data or updates to make sure that my route on I-70 went as deliberate.

My telephone winked at me. “Web services offline. Where would you like to search?”

I heavy-thumbed smacked in, “Denver, Colorado, duh!”

My telephone didn’t be impressed. “We can’t find Denver with both hands and a flashlight. Where would you like to search?”

I paused and stared at my display. “No, really. I know that you know where Denver, Colorado is. We just had this conversation in Lincoln, Nebraska.”

“Did you mean Minneapolis?” my telephone inquired cutely.

“No, no, no, no, no. I know your location is on. I know Google is tracking me. Just tell me if we’re on the right interstate!”

My telephone blinked and went darkish. I introduced the display up once more.

“Oh, it’s you. Location and web services are offline.”

“Yes, yes, I know that. Tell me how to turn it back on!” I frantically dug into my system attempting to find what its drawback was.

“Oh! You want to go to Denver, Colorado. Spinning, twirling, spinning. Denver, Colorado is…website and location services offline,” my telephone snarkily threw no data again at me.

I growled in frustration and tossed my telephone into my purse.

Two days later, after my good friend and I lastly obtained to Flagstaff, I contacted Mint Cellular’s customer support.

“Is Nebraska unserviceable by design, or is something else going on there?” I typed into the dialogue field.

Customer support undercover agent M responded. “Please tell me the address of the place you didn’t have coverage

“The entirety of I-70 between Lincoln, Nebraska, and Denver, Colorado,” I advised M.

“Please give me a moment…” M disappeared for 3 entire minutes.

In the meantime, my good friend googled Mint Cellular protection areas and held it up. “Looks like Nebraska is a dead zone.”

M returned. “I need a more specific address to figure out what happened.”

“I can’t be more specific than nearly the entire state of Nebraska. But don’t worry. I figured it out. You don’t service Nebraska by design.”

There was a protracted pause. “Oh, you’re right. We don’t have coverage in Nebraska. We’re sorry. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“You might want to fix that. It’s seriously dangerous to be without coverage on the interstate. Anyway, thanks. Have a good day,” I typed to M.

M instantly messaged me, “I’ll pass that on. Have a good evening.”

Despite the fact that Mint Cellular shunned Nebraska like I do, not less than they’ve responsive customer support. Thanks, M.

Photograph by LumenSoft Technologies on Unsplash

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