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Winter Storm Uri: Electrical Automobiles, Renewables Will Assist, Not Damage, The Texan Grid

NOTE: This video is collaborating within the Winter Storm Uri fundraiser, to assist those that are affected by the intense winter climate in Texas. Thanks on your assist.
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00:00 – Shoutout to NASA and JPL
00:23 – Myths, falsehoods, and assaults
03:15 – What occurred in Texas.
08:05 – How V2G may also help
11:27 – Coping with EV grid demand
12:27 – Battery developments and energy prepare developments assist renewables too!
14:11 – Advantages of microgeneration on {the electrical} grid
16:09 – DIY options
16:23 – Who’s REALLY guilty
16:47 – Thanks, and goodbye!

For the previous week, the state of Texas has been enduring a few of the state’s coldest climate in residing reminiscence. It has resulted within the majority of the state’s energy grid failing, leaving Texans with out energy, heating, and in lots of instances, contemporary water.

Pundits and commentators have taken to criticizing renewable power era, attacking the Inexperienced New Deal and extra (

So we determined it was time to sort out the subject head on – explaining why many Texan politicians are improper once they blame wind generators and the Inexperienced New Deal – and the way electrical vehicles and renewable power might save the day sooner or later.

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Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Produced: Transport Developed



  1. Transport Evolved

    This video is raising funds for the victims of Winter Storm Uri in Texas . Click the donation link to the right of the video to join in.

  2. Grim Engineer

    It's actually more complex than any of you could imagine. Yes, the climate is changing, but not always for the reasons you are being told. Is it good to go green? Certainly! Are there smart ways to do it? Most certainly! Do people become polarized over topics they should be coming together on? ALWAYS. Have a little more love in your heart, a little less finger pointing, a little less polarization of your attitudes, and a brighter outlook for mankind. People will ALWAYS disagree as long as there is anything on earth to disagree upon, but we should look past that and work to come together for the benefit of all. Was the over-reliance on wind a and solar in texas a problem for grid stability? Certainly. Could people have made better choices in buying "winterization" packages for the wind mills? Undoubtedly. This is how we humans learn, by making mistakes. Lets come together and correct the mistakes and do things that are good for our economy, our welfare AND good for our planet at the same time. This is the moderate conservative EV and solar lover, signing out.

  3. Bill Kerr

    Interesting that I spent time this week driving around my North Texas suburb in an electric car looking for gasoline for the generator I was using to heat my house. It seems that gas stations couldn't receive their regular deliveries because of the icy roads and many had run out of fuel.

  4. Samuel Branson

    Thanks Nikki I liked how you explained how much EVs can help the power grid. I tells me how to answers negative comments on EVs.

  5. Richard Wilson

    "Obligatory teenage appeasement devices" haha! Great video thank you!

  6. Flarn Bjorgen

    Want to know why Texas has no power? Search- DOE Order No. 202-21-1

  7. Sven Jorgenson

    How do you discuss renewable energy and NOT discuss politics?
    For one can't come without the other, as is everything in the US.

  8. ronkirk50

    The future for the U.S. power grid is millions of EV's, and roof top solar on houses linked to a smart main power grid. This would help solve the power storage problem for green energy generation and buffer individual houses from wide spread power outages due to severe weather. The future for green energy is very promising if we would just get on with it and stop with the foot dragging.

  9. iakona23

    You have some interesting information and ideas but you ruin your credibility by making claims about the climate that you do not have the proof to back up. I’ve been listening to the anthropocentric global warming crowd since the 1990, snd they have made so many false predictions based on whatever the current extreme weather event that happens to be causing trouble at the moment. You also have no way of knowing the complex interactions which caused the current power shortages. I’m all for more EVs and local and decentralized power generation snd storage, but I decry your false claims that you use to advance your narrative.

  10. Ian Hughes

    Even if you have gas or oil central heating, they don't work if there is no electricity to power the hot water circulating pump and the embedded computer…

  11. JDN Rotterdam

    I an not a EV consumer because i can’t afford them

  12. JDN Rotterdam

    I love cold weather and strong winters. Because than i can say screw climate change!

  13. JDN Rotterdam

    Much people saying. If everyone comes home from work at 5:00 pm. And all plug in the public chargers the lights will go out. ( in streets where you can’t charge at home like mine)

  14. Edwyn Corteen

    How many powerwalls will be installed in Texas after this weather event?

  15. Elmer Croan

    Nikki for I would like to thank you for all the great content. Although this my first post I am a long time viewer. I am also a Long Time Texas who before retirement worked s well as periodically lived in other parts of the USA including many locations further north than Texas. I know you intent is to not political, but I feel no such restrictions after having to worry for my many adult childrens safety as they all hunkered down in their homes in the darkness at temperatures in the teens outside that resulted in below 45 degrees inside which may not seem that cold, but 72 hours of that temperature is able to induce hypothermia which many do not realize. Austin where one off my children was located notified the residents of a couple of "warming centers" which because of the roadway conditions were perilous to get to. This was just a token offering to give the Major of Austin some political clout after leaving many without power for days while leaving some portions with power during the whole of several days. Look at the skyline that was shinning bright while the surrounding areas were in darkness. I won't even bring up that because of first SARS-Cov2, and then later the Texas Department of Transportations order to not drive most people were just going to be trapped in their homes. Then there is the disgraceful actions of our Gov. Abbott who after being upstaged by the female Judge in Harris County ( think Houston ) who called for the investigation of ERCOT said he was going to do that, but he went on Fox News with Sean Hannity just after that and did a complete about face and told many GOP talking points about Green Energy and lied about the true cause of the outage. Greg Abbott has a very chequered past and in fact served at AG under Rick Perry when this whole ERCOT mess was set in motion back in the early 2000's. Gov. Perry went around EPA Regulations about new Coal Plants and allowed TXU to build 6 which as of the 2011 event had only built 3 of them. Stay tuned folks there is a reason to bring all this up as context for just why the 2021 complete statewide power outages occurred, and how they could have been avoided.

    First the facts of what actually happened as well as the real numbers. The things I am about to say will obviously be attacked by pundits who can cherry pick the many things coming out of politicians mouths as well as the vastly contradictory comments from ERCOT Board members unhappy with earlier truthful but not lawyer approved press conferences where ERCOT executives admitted the initial stages were caused by them not purchasing additional NatGas as the prices were more than they wanted to pay. Then it was blame the wind turbines although in Texas it is still a very small portion of the mix. In winter it has the potential to produce more because the denser air push the blades with more force. The numbers in Texas range from a low of 10% in the summer to a max of about 20% in the winter. The amount of potential power lost by wind-turbines freezing because ERCOT did not winterise them was 16,000MW which sounds like a large number until you compare it to how much was lost by many Coal Plants, and NatGas plants going offline which contributed almost double that amount at 30,000MW of energy lost.

    I could go on with more details for those outside of Texas that want to know, but for now I will just hit a few high points everyone should investigate to know what really happened in Texas wasn't technology but politicians.

    1. Investigate the 2011 outage which was almost exactly the same thing, but with a few slight differences on what caused the NatGas shortages was the Railroad Commission which controls pipelines in Texas did not have any detailed maps of how the NatGas Pumping Stations were powered so at the very instant ERCOT was initiating rolling power outages in 2011 because of the failure of the 3 brand new Coal Plants Gov. Perry authorized ( now Gov. Abbott was Rick Perry's AG during this which will become important in the next point ) the power was being cut to the very NatGas Source that was needed to power the at that time still online NatGas plants which quickly ran out of power. I lived in North Texas at that time, but just as I am now in Central Texas I was served by a CO-OP which in both cases did a better job at managing the power outages . I never lost electric power in 2011, but my NatGas heating system in the house struggled to work because of the low NatGas pressure.

    2. ERCOT after the 2011 outages received "recommendations" from ERCOT but the idiot Gov. back then is the exact same one that was heard recently defending his position to keep Texas off of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission interconnections. Go to the house minority leaders website to hear Rick Perry who what head of the DOE under Trump say he knows ALL TEXANS would gladly do without power for a few days to retain their independence and not let outsider tell them what to to do. I open my much like in the movie "Network" and yelled " I am Made As Hell and I'm Not Goin To Take it Anymore" well I would have if the temperature wasn't so cold. I actually spoke far few words, and Just Yelled "Fuk You Perry" then slammed the window closed. Rick Perry did not insure that ERCOT followed the FERC guidelines because since Texas refuses to interconnect to FERC they were only guidelines instead of REQUIREMENTS. Gov. Abbott was the AG under Rick Perry so had every opportunity to make sure the recommendations were followed.

    There is lots of other misinformation being distributed right now, but to address all that would take hours. I feel these two alone are the most important as it shows clearly this could have been known in advance as it happened 10 years ago well before the huge installations of Green Energy and our government choose to place Corporate Profits ahead of Public Safety as was evidenced the week before when 6 people were killed in the Ft. Worth Private Toll Road ..

    P.S. I was going to end here because I sure many people are already going to just reply TL:DR which is unfortunate because like most engineering problems they are very complex and can not be diluted to a 160 char tweet, We just found out another reason to go back and look at the 2011 event, and basically ignore all politicians talking about this including ERCOT trying to cover it's butt !! As in 2011 the REAL REASON the Natural Gas pressures dropped is not unusually high demand as the previous lie was recently told, but instead the electrical power to the the NatGas Pumping Stations that could have supplied additional generation capability was cut by ERCOT. Read the 2011 event recommendations which brought out this lack of an comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan and inadequate oversight of the pipelines by the Railroad Commission left the NatGas supply at jeopardy. In other words this was a complete Cluster F*&^ or in prettier language a Circular Fornication of incompetence.

    The simple truth can be expressed in the mathematical equation of

    Gov. Abbott + ERCOT + Railroad Commission + INCOMPETENCE

    As well as GREEN ENERGY is not a subset of the problem in any fashion !!!

    I will close with a joke..

    Q. How can you tell if a politician and/or CEO is lying ??

    A. Their mouth is moving and words are coming out !!!

  16. vidznstuff1

    I was reading elsewhere that Tesla is voiding warranties for people attaching inverters to their 12V batteries. Good old environmental-Elon is playing chess with V2G…that f*cks up his grid battery business, lol, and he's been staunch opposition to V2G. Which I think is obscene, because it's soooo easy to incorporate into his cars.

  17. Ernie Dunbar

    The way modern American conservatism works is to make oversimplified (and usually false) claims that require long debunkings like this one. Moreover, the power of such arguments lies in how quickly they can be made, and in making them first.

    Those simple messages are powerful. To counter them, you need simpler counterarguments that are easier to understand. Also, you need to make them first.

    Sorry, but this simply comes too much too late. The best way to argue would be to say "You idiots! You broke the grid to save $0.01 per kWh!"

  18. David McCarthy

    Thanks Nikki! I have ordered a 3000W inverter to sit on the shelf just in case. We have buried power but still have lost electric for about 8 hours and if you don't know when it will come back on you're like, "Don't open the fridge!". The expected increase in extreme weather in the future makes this a very worthwhile investment of a few hundred dollars.

  19. Anon

    Worry about relying solely on an EV is a valid concern. Everywhere you live, the lights can go out. I live in San Francisco. In October 1989 we had a moderate earthquake which took out the electricity for a few days. We know there will be others and there will be bigger ones. When the light went out, the most gas stations couldn't pump gas because the pumps run on electricity and most didn't have generators. Those that had generators couldn't get gas to run them. Since then I bought a tri-fuel generator. It can run on gasoline, propane or natural gas. More flexibility is better. Propane can be stored for a lot longer than gasoline. I'm shopping now for a Chevy Bolt and I will keep my Subaru Outback so that when the next earthquake hits, I'll be covered.

  20. Argen

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    Gas pumps use electricity to move fuel from the underground tank to the vehicle.

    My gas car wouldn't start last week because of the cold. It relies on a 12v lead acid battery, without that battery, it does not function. It is more vulnerable than an EV because at least EVs have larger batteries, usually with a thermal management system.

    Gas cars are just not better, and the only thing stopping me from getting an EV is the lack of charging infrastructure available in my apartment.

  21. Luke Dornon

    Solar and wind just don't work well in sub-zero conditions. Texas, like all of us, should be installing more nuclear.

  22. Mike Wilding

    Really, if the EV charging stations are deployed properly, you would never see even a brown out ever again. Change all the fossil fuel stations to EV stations and then replace all the fuel tanks in the ground with 3MWh batteries. They don't even need to be lithium. Any one of the flow batteries would work. With 3MWh batteries, you could charge 30 – 100KWh cars before drawing anything from the grid. And you can recharge those batteries from either renewable or the power gen stations.

    The only piece of research I haven't done yet is to get the average number of vehicles that fuel up in a day from a regular gas station. And perhaps once that is gained, the size of the battery would need to be changed.

  23. joshua smith

    I live in the southern region of Texas; we didn't get any snow down here like the other 4 regions did. The other 4 regions would be north, east, west, and central. We got ice on the roads at night, but still no snow and the 3, 000 windmills in Sarita kept spinning producing power. The windmills in Corpus Christi, Texas were working as well and so is my 2020 Chevy Bolt.

  24. Ezra Steinberg

    Brilliant discussion! And politics in your videos would be fine as far as i am concerned since there is, as you clearly imply, a non-empty intersection between politics and power (both kinds, actually! 😉 )

  25. Mike F

    I used to think you're smart person but now I start to see that you're nothing more than fool. The reason why power out in Texas is chain reaction event.
    You're making stupid lie here on YouTube.

  26. Spuddy

    The thing that I take away from OIL as an energy provider is this:

  27. bazoo513

    Freak weather events like this are direct consequence of anthropogenic climate change, that is, fossil fuel use. There were certainly idiots arguing that, since this involved snow, it cannot be a consequence of global warming, wight?

  28. bazoo513

    Jason of Engineering Explained has a nice video calculating the effect of wholesale transition to EVs. In short, minuscule, and in the long run positive.

  29. Fyn FynSidian

    Curious how often you update the patreon supporter list, and if new ones are appended to the end of this list?

  30. Pinkie Love

    Electric car technology is nearly not there yet,,, still takes you hours to charge your car.. and that's even with the correct amp service… Most homes don't have the correct amp service to properly charge there car ,,, takeing 12 to 24 hours in some cases To fully charge your vehicle.. And that's if you have a home.. Good luck if you have a apartment.. Plus most electric cars are super expensive.. To fill up your car at a charging station still costs you around $20.. And it takes hours to do the charging.. So there's really no cost effectiveness between gas and electric.. People dont have the patience to stand for 10 minutes Let alone a few hours… When tech gets there,, then we'll talk .. I say maybe another 30 years our technology will be there


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