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Your Questions Answered (Subject Day After Motion & OCF Dipole) July 2020 – Ham Radio Q&A

Each month I open the mailbag and reply your questions. This month’s responses have been generated with reference to questions on my current ARRL Subject Day setup and the 80 meter Off Middle Fed dipole antenna I constructed.

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Sandstorm lightning:
TC Teardrops:
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  1. Cash Dollar

    Some very popular "demonetized" channels are getting bombarded with ads inserted throughout their content. FWIW.

  2. Bill Meyer

    Have YouTube Premium here, so no ads for me.

  3. C4commando

    Sure did. A member Made a sat contact for our club.

  4. Sean L

    Even though I have Youtube Premium, I'm always willing to support hardworking creators with Patreon donations.

  5. Robin Burke

    Ads are a necessary evil of YouTube. I’ve gotting use to hitting the skip button or just ignoring them. Alternate monitization with two different releases of a vido causes extra work. If it results in an increased revenue stream then it’s probably a no-brainer. If not, just stay with the ads (IMHO). Thanks for the videos! W2RSB | F4WCM

  6. Frank Romero

    Your channel doesn't have many commercials. Some channels have a no-skip commercial every 4 minutes, which is annoying.

  7. Rob Colling

    Yes, I would support your channel on Patreon. I support other amateur radio channels through that service.

  8. Thomas Shea

    Field day was great fun—– lots of signals and opportunities

  9. Andrew N0AJS

    I work in a foundry that uses a lot of super fine silica sand. Its not uncommon to see small magnetized sand/metal particle balls They are caused by friction, i imagine that is causing the static buildup in the air causing the lightning.

  10. Ben

    I enjoy your videos. The ads don’t really bother me much.

  11. Rodolfo Navarrete Flores

    Hello Sir, i have a yaesu 817ND which antena do you recomend me do i need an auto tunner, thanks in advance greetings from Piedras Negras Coahuila Mexico

  12. Karin Hart

    OK, I let the ads at the end run… both of them, but they were only 10 seconds long each. What frustrates me is when the 2nd ad is over 30 seconds long, sometime a minute & a half with no way to skip the ad… which means I stop & kill it. I don’t think that has ever happened on your channel, so for now I will let em run.

  13. Christopher Meyer

    The ads are not that bothersome. If you wanted to offer more content for paid subscribers that would cool as well.

  14. Kenneth Blackwell

    My main successful band on Field Day was 15 M (FT8)(1D). It seems that 40 and 20 are clogged up most of the time during non-Field Day…at least on FT8 where I operate. Re Ads: I use Chrome Cast to send the YouTube video to my TV…..guess what….no Ads when watching via Chrome Cast. I hear that Google is superseding the Chrome Cast in the future….so who knows for the future.

  15. Dino77 Mullen

    Good video, I'd prefer donating to the channel than ads. Just my preference.

  16. Ross Mann

    I enjoyed my field day. I decided to operate mobile and also portable. I was disappointed because my modest radio was not able to break into pileups especially on 20 meters. The big gun stations occupied the frequencies constantly. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun. My equipment and portable power supplies worked very well. 73. ve6ram.

  17. John Buck G7RWF

    The ads don't bother me. In an ideal world I'd support all the channels I subscribe to. Here in the UK I get charged 20% tax on each donation I make. Then the collection agency then takes their commission, it disappoints me about one third of support does not make it to the channel owner.

  18. R Montgomery

    After watching one of your videos I purchased an FT-891 and I'm very pleased with it but I also needed an antenna turner. I purchased an LDG automatic turner but it was nothing but a pain in the you know what what since it's poorly integrated with the radio. I considered the Yaesu turner but the price put me off and I ended up purchasing the mAT-TUNER from DX Engineering for a fraction of the price and I've been extremely pleased with it.

    It does it's job without me ever having to adjust the power output or anything and I absolutely love it. So I'd like you to do a comparison of the two turners and let me know which you think you would recommend.

    IMO, the mAT-TUNER is far and away the best tuner on the market for the FT-891.

    While it is Chinese it is very well built and reliable and I think it deserves serious consideration. LDG on the other hand needs to get it's act together because their product is totally out of date at this point and needs a complete redesign to provide transparent operation.


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